Adobe Engagement Platform
Differentiate yourself and make your message heard by delivering memorable, rich experiences that are consistent across platforms and devices.

Capture and hold audience attention across a variety of media with Adobe’s Engagement Platform. Built around PDF and Flash technology as well as html, it helps you develop engaging experiences to extend the reach of information, processes, and services anywhere across the medium.

Key Elements
• Cross browsers, operating systems, and device clients
• Applications utilize a universal client
• Programming model delivers predictable results
Develop and deliver content for;
• Creative design tools to help optimize development
• Utilizing scalable servers and services components
• Websites
• Rich Internet Application
• Electronic Documents
• Interactive Media, and Publications
Intelligent Documents
Improve both employee and customer adoption of automated business processes. Bringing together the standards of Adobe PDF and XML technology, Intelligent Documents retain the best characteristics of paper-based documents, such as a familiar look and feel. But they also include powerful business logic such as calculations, routing instructions, error checking, and data validation.
Document Services
Streamline the flow of business-critical information among employees, suppliers, customers, and constituents. Adobe Document Services automate existing document-based processes. This helps organizations and government agencies manage business processes more efficiently and facilitate more secure communications across the enterprise. Adobe Document Services include:
• Collaboration
• Process management
• Document control and security
• Document generation copyright 2008
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