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Live Cycle Enterprise
It’s really the complete package, the LiveCycle Suite captures data, handles workflow and XML exchanges, it has a design engine that allows you to create forms and documents, digitally sign documents, and track who has looked at and modified those documents.

In today’s business environment, you’re probably looking for ways to;

  • Communicate and share information outside your organization
  • Extend forms-driven business processes offline
  • Deal with tremendous amounts of paper forms and documents

Adobe® LiveCycle™ makes it a snap to manage the flow of your business-critical
information to all of your constituents, letting you design and deploy secure, XML based, “intelligent” forms and documents – including Adobe PDF and HTML – that your customers can use with universal clients like Adobe Reader® or a Web browser. Adobe LiveCycle makes it easy for you to:

  • Connect with customers and users outside of your firewall via the Web and
    Adobe Reader, and protect the integrity of critical data
  • Add interactive capabilities to make static forms and documents dynamic even
    when they’re offline
  • Leverage dynamic barcodes to scan and transform manual- and paper-based
    data into usable digital information
Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader is free software that lets people view and print Adobe PDF files on a variety of devices and operating systems. To date, more than 500 million copies of the software have been distributed. Because so many people have Adobe Reader installed on their computers and know how to use it, organizations can distribute Adobe PDF files with confidence.
Adobe Acrobat Family
The Adobe Acrobat family can help organizations streamline business processes and increase productivity, profitability, and accuracy. Acrobat Professional software provides the most advanced control over document exchange, review, and output. Acrobat Standard streamlines business document exchange and review.
Process Management
Adobe LiveCycle Designer
Adobe LiveCycle Designer makes it easy to create intelligent forms that combine high-fidelity presentation with XML data handling. Using the graphical interface, designers can quickly create secure templates that closely resemble their paper counterparts and accept digital signatures. Plus, they can easily define a form’s business logic and bind form fields to generate interactive Web and Adobe PDF forms that comply with government accessibility requirements.
Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions
Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions allows people to do more with Adobe PDF files than simply view and print them. When an Adobe PDF file is opened through Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions, embedded usage rights activate greater interactive functionality. People can save documents to their hard disks, fill-in, annotate, sign, and submit them online or offline.
Adobe LiveCycle Barcoded Forms
With Adobe LiveCycle Barcoded Forms, organizations can use proven two-dimensional barcode technology to automate the extraction of data from paper forms and deliver it to core systems for processing. This dramatically reduces costs, errors, and time when compared to manual data entry and OCR-based solutions.
Adobe LiveCycle Forms
Using Adobe LiveCycle Forms, organizations can deploy secure Web and Adobe PDF forms to extend their intelligent data capture processes beyond the firewall. Adobe LiveCycle Forms improves the quality of captured information through instant data validation and calculations.
Adobe LiveCycle Form Manager
Adobe LiveCycle Form Manager provides a central repository for administrators who manage form publication and for people who access enterprise forms via Web-based portals. By prepopulating forms with individual profiles, companies can reduce errors and increase accuracy. And because the form comes pre-filled with profile information, there’s less work involved to complete each form.
Adobe Workflow Server
Adobe Workflow Server enables businesses to design, deploy, and manage form-based business processes to improve organizational agility and productivity. Adobe Workflow Server includes a tool for defining the business rules a process must follow (such as routing instructions, deadlines, and reminders) and communicates “next-steps” based on the assigned role of each recipient.
Document Control and Security
Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server
Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server offers a convenient, effective solution for managing and monitoring electronic documents. With it, organizations can apply persistent confidentiality, privacy, and accountability policies to electronic documents—online or offline, inside or outside the firewall—throughout the document lifecycle.
Adobe LiveCycle Document Security
Adobe LiveCycle Document Security delivers digital signature and encryption capabilities in a server environment. Organizations can bring more paper-based processes online, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction—all while ensuring document authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality.
Document Generation
Adobe Central Pro Output Server
Adobe Central Pro Output Server enables businesses to dynamically generate professional-looking documents—including purchase orders, invoices, and checks—from CRM, ERP, and legacy systems as well as other core applications. Saved as Adobe PDF files and delivered via the Web, e-mail, fax, or print, these documents are easier for customers to read, understand, and respond
to than those generated and sent directly from core systems.
Adobe Document Server
Adobe Document Server enables organizations to dynamically generate customized Adobe PDF documents for more personalized customer communications. These content-rich documents can be created, assembled, and manipulated on a server by importing XML-based data from enterprise applications into Adobe PDF templates.
Adobe Acrobat Elements Server
Adobe Acrobat Elements Server enables people throughout an extended enterprise to generate Adobe PDF files, ensuring more reliable document distribution and integrity. Featuring flexible, server-based deployment options and a Web services application programming interface (API), this software makes it simple to integrate Adobe PDF file generation into existing document-based business processes and applications. copyright 2008
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